Want to learn Computer Science?

So you want to learn Computer Science? No problem! Here at Ruby Co we offer FREE courses for people who want to start learning CS. Follow the instructions below to get enrolled into our courses generously hosted by Code.org.

How to Join (one-time only)

If you haven't yet joined the class, please perform the following steps. Note that you will only need to do this once.

  1. Create a Code.org account if they haven’t already done so. They can do this at https://studio.code.org/users/sign_up. Note that they can either sign up with an email address and password, or sign up through Google, Facebook, or Microsoft by clicking on one of these buttons:

  2. Sign in to their Code.org account.

  3. Navigate to https://studio.code.org/join and type in their section code: SMBDPT.

  4. Once they press the "Go" button, they should be added to your section.

Signing in with Personal Logins

Do the following to sign in with their personal logins:

  1. Go to www.code.org and click the 'sign in' button.

   2. Sign in using the email and password you created.

Questions or Help?

If you have any questions or are in need of assistance please contact us through the chatbox in the bottom right corner of your screen, our Discord, or on the Wix app. Alternatively, you can also email us at rubycobusiness@gmail.com.

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